Gardner Minshew’s mule is gone; Long live the Gardner Minshew mullet

Does Minshew Mania die a slow and painful death?

Gardner Minshew’s combination of facial hair and, uh, hair on his head has been one of the funniest things in the NFL to see on the grill since he took the league by storm. Now Minshew is almost unrecognizable.

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In a video shared on Instagram, Minshew appears to have cut the mullet, opting instead for something a little more cropped and befitting a boring NFL quarterback. His characteristic mustache has also, once again, transformed into a full beard.

While Minshew hasn’t been shy about making changes to his salad in recent years – his facial hair was a topic of discussion barely a year ago – so this is just the latest evolution of Minshew’s follicular fables.

While Minshew may have been above other passers-by for the Jags in recent years, Jacksonville drafted No.1 Trevor Lawrence this year, meaning Minshew’s Jaguars tenure could end soon, depending on how which the next few months will unfold.

Recent rumors suggest the Jags would make a fifth or sixth round pick for Minshew.

Now Lawrence is without a doubt the QB1 in Jacksonville – at least when it comes to the hair depth chart.

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