Funny name for a football club: in Lorient, all Keryado is vigilant – Name of a footballer! Funny names for football clubs …

“In Keryado, we are all vigilant” to the social mix, to the soul of this neighborhood club. These are the values ​​of the Vigilante de Keryado, one of the many clubs in Lorient but, of course, according to its volunteers, there is something special. “We are people from the hill. The district is the highest point in the city. Keryado was independent, was attached to Ploemeur, then to Lorient in 1947, there was even a mayor, ”says Joël Quillien, 76 years old.

“Initially, the Vigilante was a foretaste of military service, but it was still a hobby. Busy leisure “

Created in 1905, the vigilante was a military preparation which had a gymnastics section, archery and a brass band, “it was a foretaste of military service but it was still a hobby. Busy leisure ”, jokes“ Theo ”Gloaguen, 78 years old. The football club was created in 1932 and was quickly attached to the Foyer Laïque de Keryado by keeping the name, “for the spirit, because it is always a form of combat”, justifies the current president Jean-Paul Amalir, 54 years old including 40 years in black and white.

La Vigilante has managed to keep its village side. “Keryado has a soul. It is 20,000 inhabitants. Compared to a lot of clubs, the kids here are from the neighborhood. There is a strong spirit of solidarity. When there was not yet support for sports practice, families could not pay for the licenses. We worked it out, ”says Jean-Paul Amalir.

Wiltord, Sagnol, Ouédec to Kersabiec

La Vigilante de Keryado has never reached footballing heights, “an unvarnished club” which achieved the Honor Promotion level in the 1980s. “We have nevertheless won the Council Cup twice in a row! », Proudly qualify the members of the club. La Vigilante is best known for its ability to organize big events, such as the National Youth Tournament, started in 1987.

“Here, we are like a family. And, as in families, we argue a lot ”

Keryado has seen big names start football there, “des Wiltord, Ouédec, Ziani, Sagnol. All the training centers were present, except Auxerre. Guy Roux never wanted to come! It was 7-a-side football, he didn’t want to cut his team in half! », Says the founder of TNJ, Hervé Le Corvic. La Vigilante played on the confusion with the city’s professional club to attract the big clubs. “They thought they would arrive at Moustoir with a tournament organized by FC Lorient”, smile the volunteers of the club. The tournament, which has become international in recent years, was “killed by Raffarin!” It was organized at Pentecost, when the public holiday was abolished, the tournament stopped ”.

And then there is this crazy story of reenactment of the famous France – Germany match, “revenge 10 years later”. Helped by some friends with good contacts, Hervé Le Corvic succeeded in organizing this event at Moustoir. The Lorientais had himself gone to seek the Germans in Paris. “The match was at 8:30 pm at the Moustoir. At 2 p.m., we only had four German players! The match was finally able to be played. The Germans left just after the match when they had been booked into hotel rooms, ”recalls the organizer.

“We’re like a family”

La Vigilante is above all a story of conviviality, so victory or not, “it always ended in song. We said to each other, we will do better next time, ”remember the old glories of Keryado. Watered after-matches at the club’s sponsor bars, “there was Le Gypsie, Le Courrier fidèle, we went there every Sunday, for them, it was a good return on investment,” jokes Theo.

The club had suffered for several years from aging infrastructure but major work “will help revive the dynamic. The players and volunteers were fed up with these conditions, ”said Jean-Paul Amalir. New memories can be created at the Kersabiec stadium. The old people remember their crazy years, not without some disagreements. “Here, we are like a family. And, as in families, we argue a lot, ”concludes the president with a smile.



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