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From Serial Productions: Children of Rutherford County


“The Kids of Rutherford County” is a production of Serial and The New York Times in partnership with ProPublica and Nashville Public Radio.

Reported and hosted by Knight Méribah
Additional reports by Ken Armstrong at ProPublica
Produced by Daniel Guillemette
Additional production by Michelle Navarro
Edited by Julie Snyder and Jen Guerra
Additional editing by Anita Badejo, Sarah Blustain, Tony Gonzalez, Ken Armstrong and Alex Kotlowitz
Supervising producer, serial productions Ndèye Thioubou
Research and fact checking by Ben Phelan
Additional fact-checking by Naomi Sharp
Musical supervision, sound design and mixing by Phoebe Wang
Review of standards by Susan Wessling
Legal review by Dana Green and Al-Amyn Sumar
Original music from The blasting company
Additional production by Jenelle Pifer
Executive Assistant, Series Productions Mack Miller
Art by Pablo Delcan
Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the New York Times Sam Dolnick

Special thanks to Elizabeth Davis-Moorer, Nina Lassam, Susan Beachy, Kitty Bennett, Alain Delaquérière, Sheelagh McNeil, Kirsten Noyes, Jeffrey Miranda, Mahima Chablani, Renan Borelli, Kelly Doe, Anisha Muni, Kimmy Tsai, Jordan Cohen, Victoria Kim and Ashka Gami.

And to Katie Mingle, Mike Comite, Aaron Reiss, Bianca Giaever, Stephen Engelberg, Charles Ornstein, Susan Carroll, Emily Siner, Alex Mierjeski, Hannah Fresques, Julie Whitaker, Katie Fuchs, Peter DiCampo, Alissandra Calderon, Kassie Navarro, Kenda Lovecchio, Rachel Iacovone, Dan Petty, Chris Morran, Alexis Stephens, Kengo Tsutsumi, Mack Linebaugh, Suzanne Bond and Nicole Kemp.



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