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The French champagne industry is advising producers to resume exports to Russia after halting shipments this summer.

They were arrested in July after Russia passed a law that reserved the “champanskoie” label for Russian sparkling wine producers. He also forced French producers to remove “champagne” and put “sparkling wine” instead.

This despite the fact that it has a protected designation of origin, which in the EU and the UK means that only sparkling wines from the French region of Champagne can be called champagne.

But now the Interprofessional Champagne Wine Committee (CIVC) is advising champagne producers to resume shipments.

The suspension is lifted because the Russian authorities did not respond to several letters sent by the French ministers.

The letter came from the Minister of Foreign Trade Franck Riester and the Ministers of the Economy, Bruno Le Maire, and of Agriculture, Julien Denormandie.

One of the reasons given by the committee for resuming shipments was to appease and avoid taking the matter to the World Trade Organization as well as to avoid penalizing Russian consumers and customers.

Speaking at a meeting with French authorities on potential negotiations with the Russian side, committee director Charles Goemaere said: “It is important for us to be able to restart shipments to Russia. So it’s number one. Number two is to discuss and negotiate a good solution that preserves our right to use the name. “


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