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France info interviews those who will defy the rules … and that annoys Internet users – RT in French

A report from France Info giving the floor to two citizens assuming their will to party illegally on New Year’s Day sparked epidermal reactions on social networks.

On the eve of the last day of the year, France Info broadcast an audio report giving the floor to two citizens who, for New Year’s Eve, have decided to free themselves from certain health measures put in place at the nationwide.

Among them, a certain Sabine, 25, who “will welcome around twenty people” in her 50 square meter apartment near Paris.

“I realize that is not at all reasonable. I realize it’s selfish and hypocritical, but at 25, when it’s been a year since you’ve had too much of a social life […] I tell myself that if everyone wants to do like me, well let’s go, ”she said among others.

An approach that has aroused a wind of indignation among some Internet users on social networks.

“Sabine will be there [première] to yell if the restaurants and bars do not reopen without understanding that it will be partly his fault, ”said one Internet user in a widely relayed tweet.

“Do you promote irresponsible people, France info?” In January, you will report Sabine 25 years intubated after her New Year’s party! ”Declared another Twitter user, followed by a large community, attacking the passage to the public service channel.

Despite a large number of negative comments about her, Sabine still received the support of a few Internet users, including that of the president of the sovereignist party Les Patriotes Florian Philippot: “Stop falling on Sabine[…] She’s human. Not zombie, ”he said in particular.

The news channel also published a thread of publications recalling the national instructions to be observed on New Year’s Eve. These were announced on December 10 by Prime Minister Jean Castex. Considering that “New Year’s Eve concentrates all the ingredients for an epidemic rebound”, the head of government had notably called for respecting the curfew in force while issuing the recommendation of a maximum of six adults at home.

In its thread of publications posted on Twitter on December 30, France Info also mentions the possibility of closing public transport in the evening from 8 p.m. In addition, concerning the clandestine organization of private parties, the police may go to certain homes if they are called by neighbors or upon denunciation for nighttime noise.

“The organizer of a clandestine party that would have opened his home to the public, a fortiori if he charges entry, [pourra être] prosecuted for endangering the life of others, the guests can be sanctioned up to 135 euros, ”France Info still recalls.

100,000 police and gendarmes will be mobilized that evening to enforce these rules, also recalls France Info.