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France inaugurates its “Cyber ​​Campus” to fight against cybercrime

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A cybersecurity center called “Campus Cyber” has just been inaugurated on Tuesday, February 15 in France. The objective of this new cybersecurity HQ is to rapidly develop means of combating all forms of cybercrime.

For years, the world’s digital powers have been engaged in a veritable electronic guerrilla warfare with a slew of spyware and industrial exterminating computer viruses. These attacks perpetrated by groups of hackers working on behalf of governments are qualified as state-controlled, as is the current case of attacks on the banking network and on Ukraine’s digital and military infrastructures.

But no country in the world is either spared by the mafia groups which plunder our personal data in order to ransom us. This is why the French government has decided to centralize its means of response by creating the “Campus Cyber” which was inaugurated on Tuesday in France in the district of La Défense in Puteaux. The 13-storey building will gradually accommodate more than 180 large companies, research institutes, state services and start-ups.

Promoting French excellence in cybersecurity

The objectives of the Cyber ​​Campus are to promote French excellence by bringing together the various cybersecurity players in the same place, which is called a totem place. It is open to cybersecurity SMEs and VSEs, but also to State services such as the National Agency for the Protection of Information Systems, the Ministry of the Interior, representatives of the Ministry of the Armed Forces and also scientific researchers. digital from Inria, CNRS, explains Michel van den Berghe, President of Campus Cyber. And then large high-tech companies have decided to participate in this project without forgetting the start-ups to stimulate innovation in the computer security sector. It is an open place that will also welcome middle and high school students to present cybersecurity professions to encourage vocations and thus train the experts of tomorrow. »

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But a few weeks before the start of the presidential marathon, this theme of digital security seems to be absent from the programs of the candidates in the running, is surprised Jean-Noël de Galzain CEO and founder of the company Wallix specializing in securing Internet access , and member of the Campus Strategy Committee.

Promoting a Europe of cybersecurity

If we do not master our own digital territories in which we can preserve our rules of computer use, we risk disappearing from the global cyber space. It has therefore become essential to debate it and to make cybersecurity a major issue in this presidential campaign, simply because it is a sovereign security issue that concerns us all, he insists. And one can only be surprised that candidates who do not talk about digital or cyber security are not more in tune with the real life of millions of citizens, for whom digital technology has become omnipresent. »

For France, the next step will be to carry out a project of the same kind but on a European scale. The French presidency of the Council of the European Union intends to promote the emergence of a Europe of cybersecurity which would be able to compete with infrastructures of the same type which already exist in the United States, China, Singapore or even in Russia with the Skolkovo technology park.

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