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Strategy of Marlon Nichols, Founder of MaC Venture Capital, to spot opportunities at an early stage

Be a success The early stage investor is more than just identifying trends. A successful VC must think several steps in advance. For MaC Venture Capital founder Marlon Nichols, it was an ability that helped him spot big names like Gimlet Media, MongoDB, Thrive Market, PlayVS, Fair, LISNR, Mayvenn, Blavity and Wonderschool from the start.

Nichols joined us on TechCrunch Early Stage to discuss his early investing strategies and how those lessons can translate into a successful launch for budding entrepreneurs. Success involves not only a strong team and great ideas, but also the willingness and ability to change and adapt to an ever-changing world.

Stay ahead of trends

Anyone can spot trends once they break, but a successful investor needs to see several stages ahead of the bunch. This ability helps VCs know where to focus their attention and possibly how to remove snake oil from locations of real value.

For us, that means taking a look at emerging behavioral trends and culture shifts. What we’re trying to understand is where people and businesses are going to spend their time and money – not just today, but in the future. So we’re doing research to see if there are any supporting factors for this thing to persist and be successful. If that answer is yes, we can dig a little deeper. (Timestamp: 4:33)

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