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Four Decades of VJ MTV: Where Are They Now?

One of MTV’s original five VJs when the network first launched, Blackwood and his fellow pioneers spent several years literally talking about the videos they played, before the lineup was broken down into shows.

“I imagined it as a really, really cool, TV-only FM station,” she reminded WNYC’s. Sound check in 2013. “I didn’t go at all wanting to be ‘Miss TV Star’. I really thought music video was going to catch on. I thought combining two of America’s favorite hobbies, music and television, would probably work. “

Blackwood was right. After leaving MTV in 1986, she hosted her own syndicated music show, Solid gold, and has since helped to tell the story of musical culture in the 1980s. In 2003, she was a member of a touring production of Vagina monologues, and she’s now DJ for the 80s of SiriusXM on 8 channels with other VJ OG MTV Marc Goodman and Alain hunter.

Regarding his old playgrounds, however, “I really hate to say that but when I turn it on I can’t look at it,” Blackwood told interviewer Gary James in 2009. “I love it. VH-1 Classic because There are a lot of documentaries out there. They have a classic album show about making a classic album. It’s not just the 80s, it’s just any classic album, basically. I like stuff like that. I’m more of a musicologist. “

Plus, “I’m not really a pop music person,” she said. “I’m more of a rock music person. But you have Madonna, who has become a force of nature, and unfortunately of all the other people who follow her path, the Britney spears world I could do without, but that’s my opinion. “

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