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Since day one and throughout the Ligue 2 season, our journalists have followed En Avant Guingamp. In each game, they also gave a rating to players who played more than 45 minutes of the game – and, since Matchday 8, we have also opened these ratings to netizens. After 38 days, find out which players have obtained the best averages, who are the tops, who are the flops.

Essential Phiri, Basilio N.1

Despite a low number of games played due to his long absence, South African Lebogang Phiri has shown that he is absolutely indispensable to the Guingampese club. In 7 games, he obtained the best average of the squad with a score of 5.7. Behind him, Enzo Basilio, who won in the cages instead of a disappointing feedback, still collects an average of 5.6 thanks to his often decisive performances for his people.

Offensive players on the inside

Pelé, Phaëton, Ntep, Robail and even Livolant. All of these players in the offensive sector have averaged less than 4.5. A statistic which illustrates the deficiencies suffered by the Costarmoricans in Ligue 2 this season. “Guingamp no longer knows how to attack,” we even wrote at the end of November.

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