Former government spokesperson Sibeth Ndiaye bounces back at Adecco – RT in French

The former government spokesperson, close to Emmanuel Macron from the start, was disembarked in July. But it is rebounding in the private sector at Adecco.

After her departure from the post of government spokesperson, to which she was replaced by Gabriel Attal, Sibeth Ndiaye had not been reinjected into the new cast of Jean Castex in July.

She finally found a new place in the private sector as general secretary of the French branch of the Swiss temporary work group Adecco, according to the newspaper’s information. The Parisian, confirmed by AFP.

The one who had assured that she assumed “perfectly to lie to protect the president” will be in charge of “public affairs, legal, communication and employment solutions” according to the same source. She will also be a member of the executive committee.

Collaborator of the first circle of Emmanuel Macron since his time in Bercy until the presidency and aged 41, Sibeth Ndiaye comes from the socialist galaxy where she previously worked for the tenors Claude Bartolone and Arnaud Montebourg.

During the first Covid crisis in the spring, she stood out for her controversial outings about health protection masks and her media personality, associated with a series of blunders, was somewhat dogged, to the point to act as a media lightning rod for a government in difficulty.

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