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Ford’s new gas-powered F-150s include more hybrid configurations


Ford’s F-150 truck is adding more hybrid powertrain options to more trims for the 2024 model year. The automaker is also adding additional technology to the truck, including a head-up display option so you can check your speed without looking down, and a built-in 5G modem that accelerates over-the-air (OTA) software updates and media connectivity. than ever.

Previously, Ford’s least expensive F-150 truck with a hybrid option, the Lariat, started at $57,480 with a $3,300 surcharge. Now, Ford says the hybrid option, called “PowerBoost,” will “match the starting MSRP of the 3.5-liter EcoBoost engine,” which we take to mean Ford is discounting the hybrid add-on from $3,300 to $1,540. (That’s what the 3.5L gas engine costs for the 2023 model year.) It’s important to note that you can also get the hybrid in the least expensive XLT trim level, as well as in the top of the Platinum Plus range.

The 12-inch screen is now standard on all models.
Image: Ford

The 2024 model year F-150 is built on the same platform used since the 2021 model year. Ford says the platform is durable and tested with more than 3.75 million “customer equivalent” miles during the car manufacturer’s laboratory tests.

The F-150 also features a new tailgate called “Pro Access” that can open like a door sideways for quick access to accessory AC power ports. New Ford trucks can deliver up to 7.2 kW to on-site tools and appliances on PowerBoost F-150 models if equipped with Pro Power Onboard.

Ford’s new F-150 is the second vehicle to get a 5G modem option that allows navigation maps to load faster and enable faster Wi-Fi in the car. Previously, this was only available on SuperDuty pickups, all work and no play, and there are plans to add it to the upcoming Lincoln Nautilus SUV. And Ford’s OTA Updates can now automatically install updated software, if you want. A new voice feedback option is also added, allowing customers to quickly report technical issues to Ford or use some poor Ford guy as a sounding board who can’t respond.

The F-150 features Ford’s latest Sync 4 software running on a 12-inch infotainment screen, now standard on all models. That means no more squinting at an iPhone 5-sized screen on the base versions when you put your rugged phone in reverse. Speaking of iPhone, Ford CEO Jim Farley posted on (formerly Twitter) which today is a “big day for America’s two biggest consumer products”, linking the new iPhone 15 and the F-150 as all-American blood brothers. These things aren’t quite the same, but we appreciate your posts, Farley!

Ford plans to update its infotainment software to use Google’s Android Automotive software or the search company’s underlying services with Google built-in. But Ford’s last big Sync 4 upgrade on the 2024 Ford Mustang didn’t appear to include it, and the latest F-150 Lightning doesn’t have it either. Dan Barbossa, Ford communications director, says The edge in an email stating that the new 2024 F-150 runs the same operating system as before.

Ford is adding a new theft recovery service for the F-150, a first of its kind for the automaker in North America (it’s available in Europe). Aptly named Ford Stolen Vehicle Services, the optional connected service can locate and help recover a stolen vehicle with the help of a 24/7 call center and additionally alerts owners in the event of unauthorized tampering. authorized truck (including tow trucks) via the FordPass app.

Ford is offering a 90-day add-on trial for its BlueCruise hands-free driver assistance software, version 1.2, which can guide you in highway lanes and make lane changes on command. Ford recently announced it would offer a similar test run on the new Mustang Mach-E Rally, although that vehicle launches with the latest BlueCruise 1.3, which features stability improvements to keep you engaged longer.

Ford also offers its smaller gasoline-powered EcoBoost engine only on its base offerings. So now the XL model, which usually comes with a 3.3-liter PFDI V6, will come with the 2.7-liter EcoBoost, which previously commanded an extra $1,285. However, Barnossa tells us the 2024 XL Regular Cab costs $36,570 before destination charges, which costs about $2,000 more than the 2023 base model with an MSRP of $34,585, so don’t expect to save money on the new one if you like the EcoBoost engine. .

The F-150 Lariat is a nice truck with just the right amount of daytime running LEDs.
Image: Ford

Ford’s F-150 hybrid option still doesn’t include a plug-in option, so you’ll instead have to check out the F-150 Lightning, still without 5G and without HUD (but fully electric), if charging is that that you desire. . One thing about the higher trims of the new F-150s, though, is that the front end looks much better than the Lightning with the light bar.



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