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For conservatives, when it comes to civility, the mask is up

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For conservatives, when it comes to civility, the mask is up

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On Wednesday, news broke that Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor was working from her desk and not from the bench because Justice Neil Gorsuch, who sits next to her, reportedly decided to work without a mask. Sotomayor, who has diabetes, is immunocompromised, making a fight with life-threatening COVID-19 for her.

Gorsuch has been trolled on Twitter for the reckless and potentially lethal level of selfishness, and rightly so. It didn’t even match his own personality, because someone known for promoting “civility” in politics. But even though Gorsuch and Sotomayor issued a press release proclaiming their collegial nature towards each other in the time of COVID, the damage was done. There was something too uncivil about someone who didn’t want to protect another’s health.

But being uncivil is what today’s GOP is known for, as the party’s years as a standard bearer of decorum and standards have grown to mean nothing in the pursuit of power.

Because of Donald Trump’s smash presidency, it became abundantly clear that conservatives were only interested in their own retention in power. It’s a far cry from the George W. Bush era of “compassionate conservatism,” which posits that a softer, more empathetic Republican Party would use government, charities, and faith-based organizations to form the tricycle that would pedal the agenda. conservative.

Bush probably picked up this sentiment from his father, George HW Bush, who in 1988, after winning the party’s nomination for president, called for a “kinder and gentler nation — a not-so-subtle pointer to his party to soften race-based policies a bit.

But end thebleeding-heart curator” Jack Kemps of the Republican Party. Finished the GOP which voted for the Voting Rights Act of 1965. We are on the other side of the looking glass, where public health is politicized and a bloody insurgency is either ignored or exalted. There was a time when Republicans didn’t just act like they had a moral compass — they pretended to be the compass. Even if it was also, sometimes, an act, another disguise to wear to hide the underpinnings of white supremacy threatening their ranks.

Much like Gorsuch, today’s Trump-infused style of conservatism also refuses to wear a mask. Republican hypocrisy is here for anyone who wants to see it, as Ted Cruz and others manage to throw rocks while neglecting to hide their hands, daring you to call them out for their lies, only to then pile on more lies in an attempt to ignite a whole gas. country. Conservatives used to hide behind religion or supply-side economics or the illusion of wanting to compromise. It was all window dressing, and Donald Trump’s election and presidency proved that everything conservatives claimed to hold dear – family values, faith, patriotism – was window dressing. they were willing to throw away for a taste of power.

“Because of Donald Trump’s presidency that broke the norm, it became very clear that conservatives were only interested in their own retention in power.”

Before Trump, conservatives acted as if they were tied to a higher power guiding their decision-making. They didn’t just use Christianity; they courted religious leaders like Pat Roberson and Jerry Falwell and behaved as if they had a special covenant with God to uphold an unforeseen set of virtuous principles that Democrats did not believe in.

They used this implied alliance to push their pious sexism against Hillary Clinton in 1992 as they questioned her commitment to motherhood because she had dared to pursue a career. It was a planned GOP offensive shrouded in religiosity under the “family values” slogan used to shame the Clintons.

Washington Post columnist Thomas B. Edsall describes the proclamation as “a convenient slogan for a series of deeply polarizing sexual, cultural and racial conflicts resulting from the changing role of women, the gay rights movement, the deterioration of the nuclear family and the emergence of rights politics civilians in preference to minorities”.

The GOP wanted to defend Bush’s wife, Barbara, as the shining example of holy grandmother maternalism against Clinton’s evil brand of feminism.

“I claim a simple conviction: the president should try to set a moral tone for this nation,” Bush said in August 1992. “I believe that a central question this election year should be: Who do you trust to renew America’s moral purpose, who do you trust to fight for the ideas that will help rebuild our families and restore our core values?

Today, there is no place for God or morality. Conservatives have become so blinded by the unchecked power of former President Trump that they have abandoned any pretense. They sided with Trump’s misogyny. They downplayed his xenophobia; they aligned themselves with his racism. Somehow the party of individualism and limited government has become the government that worships autocrats and has not even worth setting up a party platform in 2020.

Gone are the days when conservatives were environmentalists – in preserving cultural histrionics – “That’s conservatism,” said George Will, a conservative political commentator and author. Politics. “And then comes Mr. Trump, who says, ‘No, conservatism hits Mexicans,’ or whatever he says.”

So what is casually called Trumpism, usually by conservatives trying to distance themselves from Trump’s political brand, is conservatism in 2022.

Individuals who would have been considered fringe conservatives — bordering on conspiracy theorists — have now become mainstream conservatives who have pushed the party so far to the right that Reagan’s Republicans wouldn’t know them. Do you think 1980s conservatives would have supported, participated in, or minimized the failed January 6 coup? Or building a wall along the southern Texas border? What about the imprisonment of migrant children?

Of course not. Because those conservatives left the cruel part unspoken, finding it too disreputable for public consumption.

I miss the good old days when conservatives at least pretended to want to play nice while portraying superior morality while simultaneously limiting women’s rights, gay rights, and the rights of people of color. Conservatives today don’t even know how to wear gloves or beads, let alone how to bother to squeeze them. Instead, they just show up to work without a mask, sit next to you, and take the Ivan Drago approach to civility.

For conservatives, when it comes to civility, the mask is up

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