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After a “loss of refrigerant” in mid-September, causing the regulatory limit to be exceeded, the management of the EPR plant (pressurized water nuclear reactor) under construction at Flamanville declared a “significant event for the environment” ( ESE) to the Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN). If “this event had no consequences on the safety of the installations or on the health of the employees”, it was nevertheless declared by the management of the Flamanville 3 power plant “as a significant event for the environment, on September 17, 2021. , to the Nuclear Safety Authority ”.

The budget has exploded

As of September 15, the cumulative fluid since the start of 2021 was 172.4 kg while the regulatory limit is 100 kg per year. The Flamanville EPR reactor, construction of which began in December 2007, was initially due to be commissioned in 2012. But it has faced many setbacks. Its cost currently stands at more than 12 billion euros, according to EDF, against 3.3 billion expected before the start of the work.

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