five civilians killed in the explosion of a homemade bomb in the wilaya of Tébessa – RT in French

Five Algerian civilians were killed in the explosion of a homemade bomb in the Wilaya of Tébessa, in northeast Algeria, announced the country’s defense ministry.

Five Algerian citizens died and three others were injured following the explosion of a homemade bomb when their utility vehicle passed through Oued Khenig-Roum near the commune of Telidjane in the wilaya of Tébessa (north- is), the Algerian Ministry of Defense announced on January 14 in a press release.

The Chief of Staff of the National People’s Army Saïd Chanegriha, who offered his condolences to the families, called on citizens “to be more vigilant and to avoid movement in suspicious passages, known by the inhabitants of the region. “.

In the same press release, the ministry also announced the elimination of a “dangerous terrorist” as part of the fight against terrorism and the recovery of an RPK-type submachine gun, three magazines filled with ammunition, a radio transmission station and two mobile phones, in an ambush in Oued Boudekhane, southwest of Guentis in the wilaya of Khenchela, located about a hundred kilometers west of Tebessa.

Absent from the country, Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune again went to Germany on January 10 to seek treatment for complications in one foot following his recent contamination with Covid-19. He returned briefly to his country on December 29 after two months of treatment in Germany.

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