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Fitbit updates its app and announces something for September 28


The news teaser is brief: it’s a six-second video on X (formerly Twitter) showing someone swinging their arms and wearing a wrist tracker that looks a lot like something from the Charge family.

A new Fitbit tracker recently cleared the FCC, so it’s not entirely surprising that Fitbit has something new in the works. 9to5Google reported last week that Fitbit was working on a Fitbit Charge 6 that would bring back the physical button, so the timing seems to be right for this new device to be a new Charge. And the device in the video looks an awful lot like the Charge 5, which follows with 9to5Google description that the device is “exactly like the Charge 5”, except for the inclusion of the button.

I think I solved the case, but see for yourself and mark your calendar for September 28th.