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Finnish parliamentarians hacked, authorities suspect espionage operation

The Finnish authorities announced on Monday December 28 that the Eduskunta – the unicameral Finnish Parliament – had been the victim of a computer attack during the autumn. The e-mail boxes of some elected officials have potentially been hacked, Parliament said in a press release, without specifying the dates of this computer attack, or the number of parliamentarians whose e-mail could have been compromised.

An investigation was entrusted to the central criminal police, in collaboration with the Parliament and Finnish internal security. While the operation has not yet been attributed, commissioner Tero Muurman, in charge of the investigation, said in a statement on Monday that Parliament has not been targeted “By chance or by accident”. Due to the nature of the attack, authorities opened an investigation for espionage.

“One of the possibilities now is that suspects have used a security breach to retrieve information, either for the benefit of another state or to attack Finland, added Muurman. But we are assuming that the alleged perpetrators are reading the news articles about this attack so we will not give details of the investigation. ”

Norwegian parliament targeted in autumn

In September, it was in Norway that parliament was targeted by a “Important” computer attack, during which data concerning elected officials was downloaded. At the time, the authorities said that the e-mail boxes of several parliamentarians had been illegally consulted by external actors.

At the end of its investigation, Norway had, in October, publicly accused the Russian government of having organized and carried out this computer espionage operation.

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