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Filmed by Sea Shepherd, fishermen from Guilvinec stop their fishing – Brittany

“Another day wasted”, Tony Campion warns. The boss of Eden II is at the end of the line. “I have put my boat up for sale, I can no longer work in these conditions,” says the Bigouden, “disgusted”. It is 9 am this Saturday morning at the port of Guilvinec (29). The crew of the Eden II, a 10m gillnet, is docked. However, it should be at sea. Having left at night around 3 am, the fishermen, who were to the south of Glénan, preferred to shorten their outing. “At 7:15 am, we were followed by a Sea Shepherd RIB,” says Tony Campion. It is very dangerous because they sail only a few meters from our boat. My men cannot maneuver serenely, the danger is permanent, the slightest careless mistake on board can lead to tragedy. I contacted the semaphore of Penmarc’h (29) to alert of the electrical situation ”, he adds.

” Nobody moves. Do you have to wait for an accident? “

The 38-year-old fisherman denounces the “harassment” of the organization for the preservation of the oceans. “It has been going on for two years now. Many fishermen are fed up with it. It’s enough. Sea Shepherd is hoping at all costs to film us hauling dolphins up in our nets but, no luck, that still hasn’t happened, ”says Tony Campion. The latter castigates the silence of the authorities, whether it is local elected officials through the fisheries committee or even maritime affairs. ” Nobody moves. Do you have to wait for an accident? », Laments the shipowner who asks for the establishment of a safety perimeter in the Ripam (International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea), half a nautical mile, around the boats in action of fishing. Last year, tensions between the NGO and Breton fishermen had reached a point of no return. The environmental association had filed a complaint after having broadcast images revealing scenes of invective (threats, insults and throwing projectiles) at sea. “Who would agree to be spied on 24 hours a day at his workplace? How can they film without being worried? And the right to the image in all this? “Asks Tony Campion, who regrets having been at the heart of this widely publicized tussle.

“Most of our patrols are going well”

Contacted, Sea Shepherd confirms having “observed the end of the Eden II’s net hauling … for 12 minutes and without disturbing their fishing activity”. The NGO adds: “During our patrols, we systematically contact the fishing vessel observed upon our arrival, in order to introduce ourselves and indicate our intentions (observe the hauling of their nets) and specifying that we will not go to them. disturb in their fishing maneuvers. Indeed, we always keep safe distances and maneuver in such a way as not to disrupt their activities. Besides, most of our patrols are going well ”. Dangerous maneuvers? “Wrong,” Sea Shepherd replies. “We can prove it since we are filming all our outings and observations at sea, including that of this morning. Moreover, none of the complaints brought against us by the fishermen were retained. “

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