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Fifa plans to allow expanded rosters

The 2022 World Cup could be played with a higher number of players selected compared to previous editions. Fifa is considering increasing the lists from 23 to 26 elements, in particular to deal with the uncertainties linked to Covid-19.

The first World Cup during the Covid-19 pandemic will start on November 21 in Qatar. If the pandemic seems to be losing momentum around the world, it is difficult to anticipate what the health situation will be at the end of the year. It is with this in mind that Fifa would be thinking about the number of players authorized by nation.

According to Globo Esporte and ESPN Brasil, the body managing world football would thus consider increasing the lists from 23 to 26 selected players. A final choice should be made at the end of March at a FIFA congress.

How many players on the match sheets?

Lists of 26 players would not be a first in major competitions. The last Euro, played in the summer of 2021, was played with this format. Just like the Copa America 2021. The question of the number of players retained on the match sheets has not yet been decided. During Euro 2021, 23 players were always to be there, which forced the coaches to send three players to the stands for each meeting. What Didier Deschamps had tasted little in the human management of his group. The World Cup had already changed the format for the lists from 22 to 23 players at the 2002 World Cup.


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