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Fentanyl Mustang Girl Drives Reckless and Plays Fool


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Fentanyl Mustang Girl Drives Reckless and Plays FoolFentanyl Mustang Girl Drives Reckless and Plays Fool

Fentanyl Mustang Girl Drives Reckless and Plays Fool

We have known girls/women who openly brag about manipulating the police officers who arrested them by intentionally acting like complete idiots. Everyone can debate whether this or Karen’s screaming routine is worse – we find them just as annoying. This girl driving a Ford Mustang goes through the ditz routine, but when the deputy questions her, the facade starts to crumble.

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At first, she doesn’t make much sense, saying something about talking to “another cop at Walmart” and he supposedly said she “was good.” What does it mean? The deputy doesn’t know this and doesn’t let it become a distraction.

Image via YouTubeImage via YouTube

Image via YouTube

This girl says she’s having a rough day after being fired from a job she claims she had for a while. Apparently, this is an excuse for her to flatten a street sign and move on. For good measure, she starts crying and mentions again what a bad day she had.

As the interrogation begins after being read the Miranda rights, this suspect volunteers to take tests to prove she is not under the influence. Still, something definitely seems off about his speech habits and motor skills. She is also very emotional and breaks down in tears on several occasions.

While the Mustang girl takes a field sobriety test with a deputy and struggles to walk in a straight line, two others find pills and powder in the belongings she gave them. Immediately, they suspected meth and conducted a field test, which came back negative.

After failing the field sobriety test and being arrested for driving under the influence, it is revealed that the officers responsible for the substances found tested positive for fentanyl. This is a problem that so many Americans unfortunately face. We hope this girl and anyone else with an addiction problem gets help and has the means to get sober and stick to this lifestyle. This alone could help significantly reduce the number of road deaths in this country.

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