Feminicide Mérignac: the police officer who took the complaint had been sentenced for domestic violence – France

“We were informed on June 24 by the judge of enforcement of sentences of Bordeaux that one of the officials having taken the complaint of March 15, 2021 of Mrs. D. – wounded by bullets, on May 4, by her husband who then set fire to herself in the street – had himself been the subject of a conviction for domestic violence, ”the Bordeaux prosecutor’s office told AFP, confirming information from the Canard Enchaîné.

The Bordeaux Criminal Court had sentenced him on February 10 to an 8-month prison sentence with probationary suspension and non-registration of this sentence in the B2 criminal record, according to the prosecution. The police officer “admitted the facts, specifying to be followed by an addictologist” and was condemned for “usual violence on his ex-wife”, writes the Canard Enchaîné.

Complaint and investigation

Joined by AFP, the National Police specifies that “an administrative investigation was opened as soon as the police officer’s wife lodged a complaint”. Following this investigation, the official was the subject of a “request for referral to a disciplinary board”, “which has not yet been held,” said the National Police.

According to the Chained Duck, his hierarchy was “fully aware, one of his bosses” admitting that “his assignment to the complaints office was questionable.”

“I find it regrettable that after this type of conviction, the disciplinary procedure and the reaction of the hierarchy are so long”, reacted Me Solène Roquain-Bardet, lawyer of Chahinez D. since the beginning of 2021. “I regret that someone sentenced by the criminal court, with in addition a problem of addiction according to the press, remains in direct contact with the public and can continue to receive complaints, ”she added. “This comforts me in the idea that it is essential to have in each police station and each gendarmerie a referent or a cell who are trained” for this type of complaints, she added.

A series of failures

Chahinez, 31, mother of three, died on May 4, after being shot and wounded by her violent repeat offender husband from whom she was separated, who then set her on fire in the street. This tragedy sparked a wave of indignation and provoked a joint mission of the General Inspectorate of Administration and the General Inspectorate of Justice.

The government announced on June 10 new measures, following the report of this mission, highlighting a series of failures in the follow-up of the violent partner who repeatedly offends and the protection of the victim.

On March 15, the mother went to the police station to report another assault on her partner, explaining that he had hit her and tried to strangle her.

In its report, the inspection mission stresses that “the danger assessment grid and the victims’ assessment sheet” were indeed “filled in”, then sent by the police to the prosecution, but according to it, “there is a serious doubt on the care with which these grids were filled ”.

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