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If you started Brandon Aiyuk or planned to start Zack Moss and / or Trey Sermon, you were furious in week 1. At least with Sermon and Moss, you find out that they were inactive before their matches. Aiyuk actually adapted and barely saw the pitch. Either way, these were complete fantastic busts, and their owners are no doubt wondering if they should give up, trade in, or keep these players. We’re looking at the latest updates (or lack of updates) on each to help you decide.

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Fantasy Football Outlook: Should You Ditch Brandon Aiyuk?

We mourn with you the owners of fantasy Aiyuk. An active player not scoring any points is much worse than an inactive player. Hey, he scored more points than Ronald Jones, though!

Kyle Shanahan said Aiyuk wasn’t in the doghouse, but he didn’t have a great preseason and missed a lot of time with a hamstring injury. He also said zero goals for Aiyuk was not the game plan. He’s only played 25 offensive snaps – four fewer than Trent Sherfield, who also scored a touchdown. It also doesn’t help Aiyuk’s future prospects that Deebo Samuel has a double-digit target play and flashed for 189 yards and a score.

It was just overall a weird event and something to be wary of going forward. For now, you’ll probably want to choose someone else to play WR. Don’t dive too deep into WR’s pool, but if you’ve got solid depth you better play it safe here, at least until we get more information.

For now, Aiyuk is on the starting bubble for Week 2 in Philadelphia. He obviously could have a huge rebound performance and look like we expected him to, but he’s not a safe bet at the moment. The 49ers will be one of the hardest teams to predict all year round, so be prepared to miss out on one of Aiyuk’s good games, too, if you play the wait game. Your other option is to just keep cranking it and make more potential single-digit exits. You can’t really trade it because it’s value is at an all-time low, so hold onto it for now.

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Fantasy Football Outlook: Should You Ditch Trey Sermon?

What is happening here? We don’t know for sure, but we must try to decide what to do Sermon, an idle surprise Sunday morning, in the future. It was only week 1 so we can’t let it go just yet.

Many assumed it was just a numbers game. While JaMycal Hasty and Elijah Mitchell contribute special teams, Sermon does not. San Francisco felt good with the trio of Raheem Mostert, Mitchell, and Hasty, so Sermon was just the odd man. Maybe because he didn’t know the playbook completely; maybe because he just wasn’t as good or versatile as the others. Either way, logic checks. With Mostert (knee) away for up to eight weeks, Sermon will surely be active this week, but it’s hard to start it right away until he shows us something.

Mitchell has done more than enough to continue to be the 49ers’ main fullback for now, but Sermon could claim that role if he makes the most of his touches in the future. He’s another candidate on hold because you can’t trade him in, and he’s not worth giving up with Mostert. If he is inactive again in week 2, then we will preach to the choir when we tell you to drop out of Sermon next week.

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Fantasy Football Outlook: Should You Ditch Zack Moss?

Moss was another surprise Sunday morning idle. We still don’t know why, but like Sermon, it seems like it was simply a coach’s decision – no injuries or other reasons needed / given. The simple fact that this does not have been a big deal tells you that neither the Bills media nor the coaches consider this to be so surprising or important.

Our advice is to give Moss another week too. If it’s inactive again, then drop it. Even if it does play it should be used sparingly and you can still drop it, but at least it’s progress. Devin Singletary was never anyone’s idea of ​​a “all the way back”, and we know Matt Breida can’t stay healthy, so it seems likely that Moss will have chances at some point. We just don’t know when that will happen, and places on the list will soon become too valuable to waste as injuries start to pile up.

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