Fans in England asked about racism in football after abuse of English players after Euro 2020 final | Football news

More than 70% of fans across England believe professional football in the country has a serious problem with racism – a 17% increase since the first stages of Euro 2020 in June.

A YouGov survey shared with Sky Sports News revealed that one in three people who didn’t think racism was a serious problem now do so after the tournament final.

After missing penalties in England’s shootout loss to Italy, Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho and Bukayo Saka all faced a torrent of racist abuse online, with player murals later on. disfigured by graffiti.


England winger Jadon Sancho tells those who racially assaulted him after his missed penalty against Italy in Euro 2020 final shootout that they will never win with their actions

Fans and players alike quickly condemned the abuse and rallied around those targeted.

At the end of March, England fans were asked if they thought racism existed in the country’s professional football, before questioning again in June and once again after the Euro 2020 final.

Following racist abuse by Rashford, Sancho and Saka, seven in 10 England football fans (71%) now believe English professional football has a serious problem with racism, a 17% increase since the tournament started last month . .

This represents a significant conversion among those who had previously acknowledged that racism existed in English football, but did not see it as serious. 36 percent previously held this view, but that percentage has now fallen to 24 percent.

YouGov survey

Only 2% of supporters believe that racism does not exist at all in English football.

Among the general public, opinion shows a similar change, with two-thirds of English adults (66%) believing professional football has a serious problem with racism compared to 46% who shared this opinion in June.

Six in 10 fans favor a knee

The abuse also sparked renewed interest in the England squad who knelt before each of their games to protest racial inequalities.

YouGovThe latest data from s shows six in 10 England fans (60%) are backing the action, a 5% increase from the week before the Euro 2020 final and a 7% increase from mid-June .

A significant proportion (32%) remain opposed to the team kneeling, although this opposition has decreased by 10% compared to June.

YouGov survey

Is FA doing enough?

In a separate YouGov survey last month, conducted four weeks before Rashford, Sancho and Saka were targeted for racist abuse online, only 36% of England supporters said the Football Association (FA) was doing enough to tackle racism in professional football, with 47% saying it wasn’t doing enough.

In response to the investigation, the FA said Sky Sports News one of its main goals over the next three years is to “provide a game free from discriminatory behavior”.

Tyrone Mings was among the first Premier League players to kneel down last season


FA Director of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Edleen John says there is always support for kneeling as it is a respectful protest

He says his three-year plan for equality, diversity and inclusion, In pursuit of progress, focuses on initiatives to promote equality and increase the diversity of those who play, referee, coach, direct and govern English football.

The FA also stresses that it remains proactive in tackling discriminatory abuse online, having led the social media boycott of English football from April 30 to May 3 of this year.

The governing body wants to continue lobbying the government on the online safety bill and urges social media companies to act faster to tackle hate on their platforms.

Hate will not win

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