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Fans crave Christopher Meloni’s ‘sexy’ bare socks ad


Someone might have to call the cops because of these comments.

Christopher Meloni went bare — knees, anyway — for a “sexy” new sock ad for Tommie Copper, leaving “Law & Order” fans hot and unhinged.

“Hey. Bring it a little closer. I want you to experience the magic that hides under these sheets,” the 62-year-old actor teases at the start of the clip as he lolls in bed.

“I’ll show you my giant socks,” he added, sticking a foot out from under the covers to reveal a striped pair.

Meloni then showed off several other sock styles — and her flexibility — while whipping eggs in the kitchen, her nether regions covered in strategic blur.

christopher melon
Christopher Meloni went all out for a sock ad, to much fanfare.
Tommie Copper
christopher melon
The “Oz” actor has previously appeared in the buff for a Peloton ad.
Tommie Copper

“It’s better than being naked,” he said of the socks. “Why? Because the nude only exists in one color.

After Meloni posted the spicy announcement on Instagram on Monday, thirsty followers descended in droves.

“Applause to those companies that continue to do ads with Chris naked,” one commented, referring to the actor’s equally stripped-down Peloton ad from last summer.

“Whoever scrambled those buns should lose their job!” another wrote, while a third asked: ‘Should I be ashamed for the number of times I’ve watched this?’

christopher melon
Thirsty comments flooded Meloni’s Instagram.
Tommie Copper
christopher meloni nude
Some commenters were appalled at the fuzziness of his buns.
Tommie Copper

Other top comments include “Crush me like four bald tires on black ice, Dad”, “They DEFINITELY understand their audience.” #SOLD” and “I’m pretty sure this is how geriatric pregnancy goes.”

Even Old Navy had fun commenting “dad ??????”

“former navy social media manager accidentally posted from company account,” someone joked in response.

For more Page Six style…

christopher meloni and mariska hargitay
Many of the comments included shocked GIFs of Meloni’s co-star Mariska Hargitay.

In October, the “Oz” actor told People he accepted his “zaddy” status.

“It’s a gas. It’s funny. I don’t know, has anyone else been crowned zaddy? Once it’s been granted to you, you just have to ride that horse for as long as you can,” joked Meloni.

Looks like his zaddy crown is here to stay, even if his clothes aren’t.


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