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Fact check: unvaccinated people can vote at polling stations in German elections

Misleading claims about COVID-19 health passes were released two weeks before the German federal election.

Internet users had falsely suggested that unvaccinated citizens would not be allowed to vote at German polling stations.

But the country’s federal electoral commissioner has repeatedly denied the rumors.

“It is also possible for unvaccinated and untested people to exercise their right to vote, provided that the respective hygiene measures are observed,” Georg Thiel said in a statement. statesment.

The committee added that measures will be implemented across the country to protect German citizens when they vote.

Misinformation about the ballot box and electoral fraud circulated on social media in the run-up to the elections.

With the resignation of German Chancellor Angela Merkel after almost 16 years, the 2021 elections in Germany have added weight.

But amid political campaigns, election officials are fighting the spread of disinformation online.

Like many European countries, Germany has seen protests against its decision to implement the European Union’s COVID digital certificate.

The health pass certifies that a person has been fully vaccinated against the coronavirus, is recovering from an infection or has recently tested negative, and can be used to enter restaurants and cultural spaces.

But a social media user suggested that passes were also required for voting booths in this month’s election.

One tweet, which has been shared over 300 times, showed an apparent news clipping and suggested that no unvaccinated person could vote in person with a negative COVID-19 test.

The German Federal Election Commission confirmed that the so-called “3G rule” would not apply.

The authority said regional authorities could require citizens to wear a mask at polling stations, but digital certificates were not required.

“The concept of election day protection is based on the pandemic situation,” the commission said. “Federal and state infection control regulations will be decisive. “

“The mask requirement serves to prevent the transmission of COVID-19 disease and is already required in many everyday situations. “

Polling stations could also be held in outdoor spaces such as tents, he added, while citizens can also submit a postal vote to avoid going to polling stations.


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