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Extra-terrestrial life: the scientific truth is elsewhere

Did we witness any evidence of extra-terrestrial life three years ago? The scientific community wonders, but opposes the thesis supported by Avi Loeb. This Harvard professor estimates in a book that Oumuamua, the interstellar object that crossed the solar system in 2017, indeed comes from a distant civilization. Meet.

Whether he is right or not, the controversial astrophysicist puts his finger on the most tenacious of scientific questions: that of life in space.

In France, for more than 40 years, GEIPAN, a department of CNES, has been closely interested in unidentified spatial phenomena. Are we alone in the universe ? Why does man feel the need to seek his alter ego in other galaxies? Answers with Jacques Arnould, doctor in the history of science and expert in ethics at CNES.

Infinite approach of the Universe by Galileo, theory of dark matter by Fritz Zwicky, or the idea of ​​the primitive atom that became that of the Big Bang with Georges Lemaître … These scientists encountered in their time the incredulity of their peers. Guillaume Grallet, from Le Point magazine, explains why the truth is sometimes elsewhere.

A throne for the kings of the game: the new generation immersion seats arrive on the Test24 board. Demonstration with the Acer Predator Thornos, a cockpit that immerses the player in the heart of the action and the screens.