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Have you planned a trip abroad? Good news ! Only, have you wondered if you were going to be able to use your package in this new destination? Operators who do not want to put you in a delicate situation have thought of everything: they have set up agreements with international mobile operators allowing you to navigate on your smartphone without any problem. This use has a name: roaming. What is it about ? How to benefit from it? Find all the information in this guide.

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Focus on roaming: what is it really?

Roaming, also called data roaming, allows users to be able to send messages, make calls and use their internet data from a foreign country. This is an automatic process.

You have already had to experience this situation: once you have crossed the border, you will receive an SMS indicating the rates applied in your country of arrival. Also, your operator has changed to switch to a local operator. This automation is due to the agreements made between your French operator and the international ones so that you can use your phone with peace of mind.

Roaming was implemented in the 2000s to protect users and avoid very unpleasant surprises when returning to France on their telephone bill. Since June 15, 2017, roaming charges have been permanently abolished and a law has been adopted by the European Parliament to limit all additional costs related to the use of your smartphone abroad. And this, within the European Union and the overseas departments.

Which countries are affected by roaming?

Roaming is valid in a large number of countries, but not worldwide. It concerns the countries of the European Union, namely: Germany, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Denmark, Spain, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Romania, United Kingdom, Slovakia, Slovenia and Sweden.

Thus, from these countries, it is possible to send messages or call loved ones without fear of paying additional costs, which can turn out to be very expensive. It is still important to check if your operator includes other countries in its list. For example, Switzerland and Andorra do not experience roaming charges with certain mobile operators.

Is it possible to activate roaming on my phone?

Operators, as well as phone manufacturers, offer you the possibility of activating or deactivating roaming directly via your smartphone. It’s in your phone’s settings. The approach varies from an Android or iOS mobile. Here’s how:

Through an Android smartphone

If you have an Android phone, go to the “Mobile networks” category, then click on “Wireless and networks”. Once on this page, you should see the option “Data roaming”. If you want to use your mobile abroad, you just have to check this box. Otherwise, uncheck the box.

For a double check, head to the “Data usage” page and check (or uncheck, depending on your needs) the “Mobile data” box.

Via an iOS smartphone

For iOS users, the process is just as easy. Open your settings and head to “Data Roaming”. Here, all you have to do is activate or deactivate roaming. Like Android mobiles, you can also check your cellular data.

Your smartphone is ready to use!

Pay attention to exceptions

While roaming has made it possible to broaden the use of smartphones and protect users, there are still exceptions and points to check.

Before packing your bags, take a look at your ski pass and the envelope included for abroad. Once the latter is exhausted, you could be overtaxed for the use of your smartphone. To avoid any excesses, the European Commission has set ceilings not to be exceeded by operators: 3.2 cents per minute for calls and 1 per message.

The end of roaming charges is applied only in member countries of the European Union. For countries outside Europe, calls; the sending of SMS as well as Internet browsing will be surcharged to you. Do not hesitate to monitor the rates applied in your destination country in advance.

  • Satellite networks

There is a detail, of great importance, which many are not aware of: you must wait to be connected to terrestrial networks to benefit from roaming. If you are on a boat or plane, and therefore connected to satellite networks, you will not have access to them and will be overtaxed.

To avoid any disappointment, remember to contact your operator before your trip and detail all the possibilities offered by your current plan.

To summarize :

  • Roaming allows you to stay in touch with your loved ones from foreign countries, without having to pay additional costs;
  • It is active only in member countries of the European Union. For countries outside Europe, calls; SMS and internet browsing will be surcharged;
  • Check the amount of data included in your overseas envelope to make sure it meets your needs:
  • You can activate or deactivate roaming directly from your smartphone settings.

All you have to do is enjoy your stay! And if necessary, you will necessarily find a wifi network to which you connect.

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