Evander Kane zings rival Ryan Reaves over the dirty game in the Golden Knights vs. Avalanche

Golden Knights winger Ryan Reaves isn’t known to be much more than a heavy hitter.

And Sharks forward Evander Kane reminds him after his last incident on the ice.

Reaves received a match penalty for his aggressive elimination of Ryan Graves after the whistle in Golden Knights vs. Avalanche. The game will be reviewed by the NHL, as will all game penalties, and Reaves is likely to face a suspension.

Kane took to Twitter to discuss Reaves’ penalty for his actions.

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His proposal? More ice time for the tall attacker.

That virtual punch from Kane was pretty strong.

Reaves has averaged just 9:56 ice time per game and has just five points overall (one goal, four assists) this year. After scoring nine goals in 2018-19 and eight goals in 2019-20, Reaves’ touch in goal was gone, so he had to rely exclusively on his ability to hit hard (4.1 hits per game over the last three seasons) to provide on-ice value for the Golden Knights.

But obviously, Kane’s comments indicate that he doesn’t think Reaves offers much value anyway.

Reaves has previously been suspended by the NHL, so he thinks he’s slapped with a longer suspension for his hit this time since he’s a repeat offender. And Colorado wasn’t surprised that he lashed out at one of their players at this early stage in the series, with the Golden Knights losing big.

“Reaves, his job is to go out there and hurt somebody in third,” said Avalanche captain Gabriel Landeskog. “That’s what he does.”

But if the NHL goes after him, Reaves might not do it again during the 2021 Stanley Cup Playoffs.

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