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Euro 2020 opens this Friday evening, with a first poster opposing Turkey and Italy. Not all title contenders have the same experience in the competition. The English, in particular, rather well rated, have never won a title in this European competition, despite 9 participations. Three nations, on the other hand, have already brandished the trophy at least once: Germany and Spain three times and France twice. In stats, what ratio of goals scored and games lost? Answer in figures and graphs.

15 editions

This is the number of European championships that have taken place since the very first edition, in 1960. According to the current count, 34 states have participated, taking into account the geographical changes that have taken place since the first editions. Over all the editions and teams, nearly 300 matches have been played. The number of matches is, of course, much higher in recent editions than when the finals included only four or eight teams.

691 goals

In total, just under 700 goals have been officially scored since 1960, according to Uefa. This figure does not include cases in which the ball may end up in the goal without being counted in the score. It is Germany, which has scored the most goals until Euro 2020, with more than 72 winning shots, followed by France and Spain. And it is also… Germany which has cashed the most (48), almost on a par with Russia.

Obviously, the more a team participates, the more this stat increases. In terms of goals per game ratio, Wales stand out with 1.7 goals per game played. As for the goals conceded, it was Serbia who recorded the most per game, to the tune of almost 3 per game (2.8).

Discover in the graph below the distribution of the different teams in number of matches, goals and participations:

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