Euro-2021: the opportunity for Europeans to meet again?

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It’s deconfinement everywhere in Europe and you could put on your sneakers, to play sports indoors and outdoors, if you have not already gotten used to sport in front of the TV watching Euro-2021, with European nations. which clash on the ground but also outside, raising the question of the values ​​of the EU and the place of sport. The kick-off of the UEFA competition was indeed peppered with controversy.

Between Hungary, which asked that the Munich stadium not be lit in the colors of the rainbow flag, a symbol of the rights of the LGBT community, and Russia, which refuses that the Ukrainian team wear a jersey where the map of the country appears including Crimea, the football field has sometimes turned into geopolitical ground. So what should be the proper place of sport in our post-Covid societies?

Program prepared by Perrine Desplats, Isabelle Romero, Céline Schmitt and Mathilde Bénézet.

In partnership with the European Parliament.

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