Euro 2021 odds: betting favorites, expert choice for round of 16, round of 16

The Euro 2021 group stage is now on the books, and with over half of the tournament games played, we now have a really good idea of ​​which teams are performing at the league level. This is good news for punters looking to enjoy quality odds going into the knockout stages.

However, as we move into the knockout stages, things can get a little tough as well. Even the best sides have no room for error. If a team has a bad day, it can spell the end of their race to the European Championship.

Additionally, one side of the medium is significantly more difficult than the other, pitting many tournament favorites against each other. In fact, our five recommended pre-tournament picks landed on the same side of the rack with four landing in the same quadrant.

As such, this section will be extremely difficult for punters to handicap, while the weaker side of the bracket will provide opportunities to bet on quality sleepers.

Which teams can you trust as Euros 2021 advance to the round of 16? Here’s a look at the updated odds for the tournament and the best bets to make as we get closer to crowning a champion.

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Euro odds 2021

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France (+420) remains the favorite to win the Euro. The reigning 2018 World Cup champions managed to survive the proverbial “Group of Death” with a win over Germany and a draw against Portugal and an upstart Hungarian side. The score wasn’t there for the French in the first two games, but maybe Karim Benzema will be on a roll after scoring twice against Portugal.

Italy (+600) has made a significant jump in the standings since the start of the tournament. The Italians are in good shape and have seen their odds drop from 8-1 to 6-1 after sweeping Group A. They have so far outscored their competition 7-0 at the Euros and have not allowed a goal in of their last 10 games. Games.

The best contenders are England (+650), Germany (+700), Spain (+700) and the Netherlands (+900). Meanwhile, Belgium (+1000) and Portugal (+1400) saw their chances lengthen before the match between the two teams in the round of 16.

Austria (+15000) has the longest odds in the tournament. They are expected to go through Italy and the winner of the Belgium v ​​Portugal match to advance to the semi-finals. There, they would wait for a possible meeting with France.

Team Odds of winning
France +420
Italy +600
England +650
Germany +700
Spain +700
Netherlands +900
Belgium +1000
Portugal +1400
Denmark +2000
Sweden +5000
Croatia +6000
Czech Republic +10000
Switzerland +10000
Wales +10000
Ukraine +12500
Austria +15000

Experts’ choice for Euro 2021

Best bets to win Euro 2021

France (+420). No surprises here. Les Bleus are still one of the best choices to win the Euro. Their form in the death group was not great, but they still managed to escape with five points and win the group. Now their path to the final is a little easier – at least to start the round of 16.

France is on the more difficult side of the fork, but its quadrant is the easier of the two. The French will face Switzerland from the start, then face the winner of the Croatia v Spain match. Neither team was particularly impressive, so France should have a good chance of reaching the semi-finals.

From there, France will have to beat Belgium, Portugal, Italy or Austria, but the French have the winning pedigree and depth to make it happen.

France’s odds have barely changed since the start of the tournament, and for good reason. They are a solid team with few holes. If Benzema can stay warm while Kylian Mbappe and Antoine Griezmann can get started, the Blues should have a good chance of qualifying for the tournament final. And at the bare minimum, they should stay alive until the semi-finals.

Germany (+700). Joachim Low’s team were extremely lucky to go through the Death Group. The Germans almost lost to Hungary and were eliminated, but instead managed to escape in second place.

Their reward for finishing second was to go to the perceived easier side of the rack. Their round of 16 game against England won’t be a snap, but there aren’t many real contenders on this side. In truth, the winner of the Germany v England match should advance to the final based on the market value of their team.

Germany did not perform consistently in Group F, but the team crushed Portugal 4-2 and held onto the ball more in a 1-0 loss to France. Believing that the Germans will play like they did against Portugal is a risk, but with odds of 7-1 it is worth taking. This is Low’s last tournament in charge and players should be motivated to play well for their longtime manager.

If you’re a little less daring, choose Germany for a the first two (+300) or one among the top four (+160) are also solid bets.

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Best choice of dark horse to win

Denmark (+2000). No team is more motivated to win the 2021 Euros than Denmark. Christian Eriksen’s collapse on the pitch stunned the Danish team, but the incident and Eriksen’s survival motivated the team to win in his honor.

The team managed to advance to the round of 16 despite losing to Finland and Belgium in their first two group matches. Now the Danes will have a chance to have a solid tournament as they landed on the weaker side of the support.

To qualify for the final, Denmark will face fierce competition and could face the Netherlands and England or Germany. And they won’t play in Copenhagen like they did for their three group stage matches.

Denmark are not likely to win, but with odds of 20-1 it is a well-worth picking. And just like with Germany, if you want a higher probability bet, you can take Denmark to finish in the top two (+500) or finish in the top four (+160) in the tournament.

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Don’t buy the hype

Italy (+600). Look, this Italian team is very good. They haven’t lost in 30 games and shut out their last 10 opponents.

But all winning streaks end at some point, and Italy faces a particularly brutal parenthesis in the round of 16. Their opener against Austria may not seem too difficult, but the Austrians have countless Bundesliga players on their squad and could prove to be a trickier test. provided that.

Then after that Italy will face the winner of Belgium against Portugal, which will be a very difficult test for the Azzurri, and they will likely have a date with France if they advance to the semi-finals. .

Can Italy beat these three teams? If they play like they did against the Group A competition then yes, but it should be noted that Italy’s Group A counterparts Wales, Switzerland and Turkey weren’t exactly the best in the world. And they haven’t tested 22-year-old Italian goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma much.

So, can Italy win this tournament? Of course they can. But should you bet on them with the odds of 6-1 to do so? Probably not seen their print run.

Surprise special in the round of 16

The Czech Republic (+220) is ahead of the Netherlands. The Netherlands have yet to lose at the Euro, winning all three Group C games by a combined score of 8-2. They are also on the weaker side of the group, so some may think they can advance to the final if all goes well.

Surely, if Memphis Depay continues to perform well, the team will have a chance to do so. However, under coach Frank de Boer, the Netherlands simply did not perform consistently and they were prone to losing late advances. They nearly did it in their first game against Ukraine before an 85th-minute goal from Denzel Dumfries saved them from a shocking draw.

The Czech Republic might not look like a tough draw on paper, but the Czechs beat Scotland, tied Croatia and limited England to a one-goal win. If they manage to prevent the Dutch from scoring early, the Czech Republic could have a chance to win a late one or extend the game. So, why not take their chances in an upset stage?

Euro 2021 odds: betting favorites, expert choice for round of 16, round of 16
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Round of 16 match to be avoided

Belgium versus Portugal. This game should be exciting to watch, but it won’t be fun to bet. These two teams are very talented. Belgium has a lot of depth in its “Golden Generation”. Meanwhile, Portugal have Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the greatest players of his generation, and a strong squad around him.

You can advocate for each side to win. Currently, the punters favor Belgium to advance, but it is not by much. So betting on either team in this game is not appealing.

It is a good bet that Belgium will win Euro 2021 with an odds of 10-1 or to go with Portugal at 14-1 since the odds of each team have lengthened since the start of the tournament. However, neither is guaranteed a round of 16 victory, and even if they do win, they will likely have to face Italy and France in each of the next two games.

There is simply too much uncertainty with Belgium and Portugal to make a safe bet. It is better to try your luck in matches like France against Switzerland, Germany against England or the Czech Republic against the Netherlands.

Just let yourself enjoy the round-of-16 marquee match.

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