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EU turns to US liquefied natural gas


Video length: 4 mins.


EU turns to US liquefied natural gas

Since the start of the war in Ukraine, the Europeans have decided to do without Russian gas. The point with Laurent Rodo, from the France 24 service this Wednesday, September 6.

Over the past year, the European Union has completely changed its energy model. The United States are the big winners. “The EU is looking west for its gas supply, it is the United States that is smiling broadly. The country became the largest exporter of liquefied gas in the world. It is much easier to carry and is not Russian”says Laurent rodo this Wednesday, September 6. “Europe had to diversify its energy sources. If there is a loser, it is the environment, because 80% of LNG comes from hydraulic fracturing”continues the journalist.

Hydraulic fracturing of soils

The France 24 teams went to the heart of the production of American liquefied gas. The associations are standing up against this production in Louisiana. At Lake Charles, the energy destiny of Europe is being played out, with the main LNG plants. “Europe had to diversify and LNG played a big part”explain Eric Festa, director of LNG industrial activities at Total Energies. Associations surroundingsmentales try to fight against the development of the factories.