England: a dog finds her masters after going to a police station!

In England, a dog frightened by fireworks ran away during a walk with her master. She had the good idea to go to a police station where the police were able to find her family thanks to her necklace! looks back on this lovely story which reminds us of the importance of identifying your animal.

Coincidence or sixth sense? Frightened by fireworks, Rosie, a 10-year-old Border Collie dog, ran away while she was walking in a park with her owner. Luckily, his steps led him directly…to a police station!

CCTV from Lougborough Police Station captured the moment Rosie entered the establishment to settle into the waiting room!

The staff immediately watered and pampered the qualified dog “ cute and smart “. Thanks to his collar, the police officers were able to find the coordinates of the masters, Steve and Julie, whom they immediately contacted.

Shocked by the disappearance of Rosie, the couple expressed their joy on the microphone of the BBC: “ We were so happy she was safe and proud that she was smart enough to find her way to the police station! »

Identification, the only way to find your animal in case of disappearance

To maximize the chances of finding your animal in the event of a runaway or theft, it is essential to equip it with a collar mentioning its contact details and to have it identified by a tattoo or a chip. A French study reveals that an identified lost animal had a 40% greater chance of being found, compared to an unidentified animal (I-CAD / Institut TNS Sofres, October 2016). ” Identification is like an invisible leash that always connects the animal to its master, thus protecting it by guaranteeing it a fundamental well-being: that of finding its home. “, confirms the former LREM deputy and veterinarian Loïc Dombreval.

Worse: in France, for lack of space in pounds and shelters, unidentified missing animals (and not claimed by their master at the end of the legal custody period of 8 days) risk euthanasia. Identification is also a mandatory procedure since owners who do not identify their dogs and – since December 21, 2020 – their cats, incur a fine of 750 euros.

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