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energy renovation work allows you to reduce property taxes



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energy renovation work allows you to reduce property taxes

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In some municipalities, property taxes soar by more than 50%. However, it is possible to be exempt in the event of energy renovation work. How to benefit from it and is this the case in all cities?

A reduction in your property tax in exchange for energy renovation work. EnFrance, more and more municipalities put put this device in place. This is particularly the case at Massy (Essonne), in the Paris region. Last year, an owner saved several hundred euros. In Alsace, a municipality went even further by completely exempting its municipal share.

An exemption valid for three years

But for this, several criteria must be met: renovate a home dating from before 1989 and carry out at least 10,000 euros of work in the year or 15,000 euros over three years, excluding mainof work. For most owners, this is a step in the right direction. “It’s an effort to reduce the cost, and above all for the environment”says a woman. Last year, around sixty owners were able to benefit from this exemption valid for three years. To request it, you must complete a sworn declaration., accompaniede work invoices and send everything to the tax administration.