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What comment do you make on the project to abolish the Ena (National School of Administration)?

I do not deplore this deletion if Ena is integrated into a larger whole and if we take the opportunity to reform its conditions of access and its education, but I do not believe in it very much. I can not help but point out one thing, it is that Ena was founded by General de Gaulle and that it will be removed to please the yellow vests.

Coming out of my “backdrop”, I was very uncomfortable. I was not from the same world

The Ena had been rightly criticized during the yellow vests crisis for his “above ground” training. What do you think ?

Generally coming from a certain background, enarques have, it is true, a certain aptitude for feeling superior to others. At Ena, the atmosphere was not great because we didn’t know each other. There was also a very strong rivalry between us because there was the exit classification. So I, coming out of my “backyard”, I was very uncomfortable. I was not from the same world.

Why this book and this title “A son of rednecks among the enarques”?

In particular, I wrote it for the attention of my wife, who died on October 9, 2019, but also to leave a little mark on all of my family, the youngest of whom do not know everything that I have done. A book in the form of a small family will. As for the title, it is because I am from Plouédern and therefore a son of rednecks, like all those whose parents were born in one of the 180 municipalities of Finistère, whose name begins with “Plou”. Etymologically, the rednecks are, at the beginning, people born in these communes starting with “Plou”.

* “A son of rednecks among the enarques” at Amazon. When he left Ena (Jean-Jaurès promotion in 1969), Pierre Le Roy notably worked in four ministerial cabinets, including that of Jacques Chirac, then Minister of Agriculture.

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