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The idea was raised, in the twist of a question during the post-“yellow vests” presidential press conference of April 25, 2019, but nothing more. “I think that to make the reform [de la haute fonction publique] that I mentioned, it is necessary to remove, among other things, the ENA “, then declared Emmanuel Macron. Since nothing. It was not an idea in the air: the Head of State will announce, Thursday, April 8 in the afternoon, during a meeting by videoconference with a few hundred senior officials, the abolition of the National School of Administration.

It is symbolically very strong, since it consists in going back on the ordinance of October 9, 1945, which organized the senior civil service at the end of the war. It is above all an offbeat political response to the “yellow vests” crisis as well as a message for the French at twelve months of the presidential election: Emmanuel Macron continues to reform. “It is a political coup to divert the attention of the misfortunes of France on the usual scapegoats of our country: the high officials. However, there are no bad soldiers, there are only bad generals… ”one of them sighs, following all these questions closely.

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Europe 1, which gave the information Thursday, April 8 in the morning, specifies that the ENA ” will disappear to make way for a new school ”. According to our information, “A new operator establishment for initial training (absorbing the ENA) and continuing training would be created with a new governance”. This is indicated, on March 9, by the report of a meeting between advisers from the Elysee and Matignon.

A fifth competition

This is also what the lawyer Frédéric Thiriez proposed in his report submitted in February 2020: the creation of a “School of public administration” bringing together former enarques and engineers from technical bodies. Since the summer 2020 reshuffle, the Thiriez mission has disappeared, “To draw the curtain on the Edouard Philippe period in Matignon, confides a good connoisseur of the file, and because Amélie de Montchalin [ministre de la transformation et de la fonction publiques] wants to show that it comes from her “.

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In February 2021, Emmanuel Macron announced the creation of a fifth competition at the entrance of the ENA, reserved for candidates from modest backgrounds. This specific route should be kept in the new establishment. Once integrated, the students will follow a common core which will allow them to acquire notions and values ​​common with the students of the grandes écoles of civil servants, those who train magistrates, commissioners or hospital directors.

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