Emmanuel Macron slapped: “Isolated act or warning signal?”

On the front page of the press, this Wednesday, June 9, the slap received yesterday by French President Emmanuel Macron, during a trip to the Drôme. A gesture unanimously condemned by the political class. The third phase of deconfinement in France. The start of US President Joe Biden’s European tour. And shoes that are both ugly and uncomfortable.

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On the front page of the press, the slap received yesterday by Emmanuel Macron, during a trip to the Drôme. An act unanimously condemned by the political class.

“The slap that worries”: for The Parisian, with this gesture, a “limit” would have been “crossed”, “that of physical violence against the Head of State”. The newspaper evokes “a republican sacrilege”, which would testify to “the growing aggressiveness of the company in general and the public debate in particular”, “a signal of alarm, as the campaign for the presidential election of 2022 begins”. The daily Release, he wonders: is it an “isolated act”, or a “warning signal”? The newspaper reports the desire of the Elysee to minimize the incident, presented rather as “an attempted coup”. “Macron wanted to be in contact with the French, within reach. We can say that he is going to the end of the process,” says an adviser to the executive.

Message received from the Figaro, who judges that we should not “overestimate the significance” of the event. No, “the Republic is not in danger”, relativizes the newspaper, which considers, nevertheless, that “the slap of Tain-l’Hermitage has not only touched the face of the Macron man”, but that it has also “touched the function, and thus reached the whole nation”. For Humanity, which underlines the alleged proximity of the two individuals involved with the royalist far-right, yesterday’s incident would be above all the latest in a series of very disturbing signals from the right of the right, in the wake of calls for the murder of left-wing activists, or even from the military platform on the Republic in danger. “The alert rating is crossed”: the newspaper evokes a “pre-fascist climate”, against which it calls, moreover, to mobilize, during a march for freedoms and against the extreme right, on June 12 next.

International mail has documented the reactions abroad, and quotes this comment from the ZDF, German public television: “The political atmosphere was tense in France long before that. This gesture will not fail to fuel the debates on political culture in the country a little more”, an observation shared by the American site Politico, who writes that “in general, at the dawn of (the) presidential campaign, the French public debate is struck by a growing and worrying normalization of violence”. The American Arabic-speaking news channel Al-Hurra recalls, however, that this is not the first time that a president has been attacked, in France, citing in particular the case of Nicolas Sarkozy.

France is now entering its third phase of deconfinement. Curfew postponed to 11 pm, reopening of dining rooms and sports halls… This June 9 has “a taste of rediscovered freedom”, but Release wonders if it’s really “the beginning of the end”, hence the tan lines with mask and glasses on the vacationer that we see this morning on the front page. With this new phase of deconfinement, the “100% compulsory” teleworking also ends this Wednesday, but again, the return to office life will not be a return to the life before. To do with the drawing of Deligne, for The cross : “Even if we are not complete, it feels good to meet face-to-face”, declares an employee. “Call me by video, I can’t hear you,” his colleague replies from the other end of the open space.

Also on the front page, today, the start of Joe Biden’s European tour, the US president’s first trip abroad. According to Time, this visit aims to “reconnect with the allies” of the United States “after the tormented mandate of Donald Trump”, and to meet Vladimir Poutine on June 16 in Geneva. The visit of the American president in Switzerland inspires a drawing in Chapatte, ironic on the support displayed by Joe Biden for the project of abolition of tax havens, even though it is expected soon in Switzerland, kingdom of tax evasion.

The question of taxation is more than ever at the heart of debates across the Atlantic, where the investigation site Pro Publica, relayed, in particular by The Financial Times, reveals that the 25 richest Americans paid only 13.6 billion dollars to the tax authorities, between 2014 and 2018, while their fortune increased by 401 billion dollars, during the same period. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos even managed not to pay a cent in federal income tax in 2007 and 2011. But across the Atlantic, which is most troubling The Wall Street Journal, is not the content of these revelations, but their disclosure. The financial newspaper recalls that “disseminating such information is a crime, income tax returns being confidential” and believes that “these revelations come (especially) at the right time for the Biden administration, which is trying to do to make adopt the biggest tax increase since 1968, with the argument that the richest must pay ‘their fair share’. ” The New York Times he is outraged by the way in which American billionaires manage to avoid paying this “fair share”, legally, and advocates for a total overhaul of the tax system, “to remedy the fundamental injustice, according to which the richest live by different rules “from ordinary people.

In the United States, always, and after Le Figaro, the state of Washington has devised a rather original way to encourage the population to be vaccinated: to offer a pre-rolled joint to anyone at least 21 years of age who will be vaccinated in dispensaries in this northwestern state. . Personally, as a good fashion victim, if I had had to negotiate, I would have been more tempted by a pair of shoes – well, not just any shoes either, not the ones about which I speak. Jezebel, which reports a trend that can leave you wondering: the croc’-stiletto heels, which achieve the feat of being both ugly and uncomfortable …

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