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Tim Crow, a sports marketing consultant who has advised Coca-Cola on football sponsorship for two decades, said: “I haven’t gotten so many calls from customers, big brands, who have been interested in her since. that Lewis Hamilton broke in Formula 1. If it wins, it will become one of the hottest properties in British sport, if not the hottest. “

Crow said that Raducanu’s combination of youth, athletic prowess, charismatic personality and international appeal – she was born in Canada to Romanian and Chinese parents and is a product of the British tennis system – makes her commercial gold for marks. She has a shoe and apparel contract with Nike and a snowshoe sponsorship with Wilson.

“When it comes to brand appeal, I think you can draw parallels with Naomi Osaka [born in Japan to a Haitian father and Japanese mother and raised in the US]”said Corbeau.” Due to the multicultural aspect of her heritage, she is able to resonate in many markets. She is a citizen of the world: she pleases far beyond a tennis player. typical British middle class. “


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