[Édito] Regional and departmental: the duty to choose – Debates

The regional and departmental elections, the first round of which takes place on Sunday, risk being marred by several misunderstandings that we have every reason to be concerned. Already, the idea that the so-called intermediate polls have less impact is added to the growing disinterest in electoral processes that has been observed for a long time. And results in an abstention on which we have already alerted.

Lack of knowledge of the skills of the departments and regions, as well as of the means at their disposal to exercise them, does not help matters. This explains, of course, the ease with which demagogues of all stripes were able to impose insecurity as the central theme of this campaign. However, these two communities do not have the capacity to remedy this. As if transport, economic development, social action, etc., to name only those themes which are, indeed, their responsibility, were not quite as fundamental for our well-being and our future.

What to say, from a more political point of view, of the strange game of the macronists. Neither right nor left, as we know, they are all the same eager to draw votes on both sides, which is perhaps not favored by their meager territorial establishment. So much so that by supporting Renaud Muselier’s list, in Paca, they heavily penalized him. And that by delegating a spectacular bunch of ministers in Hauts-de-France, they seem less inclined to block the National Rally than to harm Xavier Bertrand. It is true that he also embarked on the race for the Élysée. Ultimately, it is up to voters to overcome these risks of misunderstanding and confusion. By expressing their choice. It is the privilege of democracies. Let’s not sell it off.

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