[Édito] Covid-19: the risk of a societal divide – Debates

The new epidemic outbreak is alarming. With more than 20,000 new cases every day, we do not know how far the curve will extend. For the moment, hospitalizations and deaths are significantly lower than in the previous wave. A data to verify, over time. The public authorities could have continued to encourage vaccination, depending on the available capacities, in particular for the so-called at-risk population when it does not yet benefit from it. Emmanuel Macron preferred to impose the obligation of the health pass. It was quickly noticed that such a measure, in addition to being detrimental to certain public freedoms, is fraught with contradictions and often inapplicable. We will check the TGV passengers but not those of the metro. Restaurant owners will have to demand compliance from their customers and, in case of difficulty, will call on police officers who will not necessarily be vaccinated. Young people will be checked at the entrance to amusement parks, not schools. The inventory of these absurdities is long. This is what the parliamentary debate brings to light. Obviously, the government bill, as complex as it is, will be adopted. It will give satisfaction to a large number of French people. Guided by the fear of covid, they accept all the constraints likely to protect them. As for these cathodic doctors, who are more often seen announcing the end of the world than at the bedside of their patients, they applaud. But it is because we are not in a dictatorship that those who doubt can still express themselves. Even if it means being designated as irresponsible. Failing to appease the controversies, the authorities could therefore have to face, at the start of the school year, the expression of a new and deep societal divide. While the country has a vital need for understanding and solidarity to relaunch its activity.

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