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Dutch authorities investigate footage of COVID-19 protesters dressed in Nazi clothing

Dutch authorities are investigating several images of young men dressed in “Nazi” clothing.

Images on WhatsApp showed a group of people walking around the municipality of Urk on Saturday evening, wearing military uniforms and carrying weapons.

In one image, a man pretends to shoot another person, who is dressed in prison clothes and wears a Star of David, a well-known Jewish symbol.

In another snap on Snapchat, eight young people pose in a row in an industrial park while wearing clothes that resemble German Nazi clothes.

Local officials said the group was protesting COVID-19-related restrictions in the Netherlands.

In a declaration, the Municipality of Urk said the community as a whole “strongly despises” the actions of the groups.

“This behavior is not only highly reprehensible and extremely inappropriate, but it is also offensive to large groups of the population,” the statement said.

“As far as the Municipality of Urk is concerned, a very clear line has been crossed with this tasteless action.”

Authorities said they were in discussions with police and the prosecution to further investigate the incident.

Urk officials suggested that they would like to talk to the young people involved about “joint responsibility”.

“We understand that these young people want their voice to be heard on the impact of the current and future coronation measures,” said city mayor Cees van den Bos. “However, we don’t understand the way they do it.”

“Not only the Municipality of Urk but the whole community completely disapprove of this method of protest.”


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