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Durbin accused of blocking subpoenas and lying about Jeffrey Epstein flight logs | Illinois


(The Center Square) – A whirlwind of controversy surrounds U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin, Democrat of Illinois, and flight logs belonging to Jeffrey Epstein’s family.

The plane was allegedly used to transport underage girls to Epstein’s private Caribbean island. Epstein pleaded not guilty to sex trafficking charges and was later found dead in his jail cell.

U.S. Sen. Marsha Blackburn, Republican of Tennessee, publicly denounced Durbin for blocking her request to file a subpoena for the flight logs and then lying about her knowledge of the request.

At a recent Judiciary Committee hearing, Durbin said he wanted to make it official and asked Blackburn about it.

“You and I have never personally discussed this, have we?” Durbin said.

“We talked briefly on the field,” Blackburn said.

“You never mentioned the subject of your amendment,” Durbin said.

“In committee, I raised the subject of my amendment,” Blackburn said.

“Not in my presence,” Durbin said.

But at a Nov. 9 hearing presided over by Durbin, Blackburn did mention the flight log subpoena.

“Since we are in the process of issuing subpoenas now, here are a few more that I have filed,” Blackburn said. A subpoena to the estate of Jeffrey Epstein to provide flight logs for his private plane. Given the numerous allegations of human trafficking and abuse surrounding Mr. Epstein, we must identify everyone who may have participated in his horrific behavior.

Blackburn called Durbin’s actions “a sad day in the history of the prestigious Judiciary Committee.”

On Wednesday, Blackburn released questions on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter.

“Why does Senator Durbin now seem aware of my request for a subpoena regarding Jeffrey Epstein’s flight logs? Why are Democrats blocking this issue? »



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