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The Teknofest was held this week in Istanbul. At this air show, which Turkey presents as the largest in the world, the Turkish military industry exhibited its pride, the drones of the Bayraktar brothers.

It’s an ideal day for school trips: flags and nationalism are out, even among the youngest. “Our country is the most powerful, I hope everyone is afraid of us”, explains this young Turkish boy present at Teknofest. “We have very good planes and very good drones, it’s very advanced technology.”

At the air show, which was held this week in Istanbul, entry and transport are free. Almost two million people attended this event last year.

The organizers insist that this is a fair of civilian technology, but it is the military planes, and especially the drones of the Bayraktar brothers, that are the highlight of the show. With its successes in Libya and Azerbaijan, the TB2 drone has become the standard of the Turkish defense industry.

And today, the national armies receive the latest addition to the Baykar workshops, the Akinci drone, a twin-engine 20 meters in wingspan and 6 tons at takeoff, a national pride that has made the Bayraktar brothers idols in Turkey. .

What strikes international observers is how quickly the family business supplies its devices. The Akinci was still at the prototype stage only two years ago.

“Twenty years ago, Turkey made the decision to support its companies in order to produce its own drones, thus supporting local companies and start-ups”, explains the CEO of Baykar. The company had just seven employees in the early 2000s, compared to 1,500 technicians and engineers today.

Focusing on smaller – but more agile – private local players, aiming for total independence in terms of military equipment: this is Turkey’s wish, which intends to apply the model to other sectors such as energy or health. , enough to continue to exalt the national feeling.


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