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Don’t expand the UN Security Council


The push for the expansion of the UN Security Council is a power grab by the globalists, intended to hamper the independence and best interests of sovereign nations while cementing the power of the United Nations and its future system of world government.

The United Nations was created in the post-war period to, in the first words of the United Nations Charter, “save succeeding generations from the scourge of war”.

The United Nations exists for the following reasons:

— Maintain international peace and security;

— Develop friendly relations between nations;

— Achieve international cooperation to solve international problems;

—To be a center for harmonizing the actions of nations in the achievement of these common ends.

All of these goals sound nice, but the UN is a highly bureaucratic organization that frustrates many of its member countries and is rife with controversy. Five member nations control much of the direction and dialogue of the UN through their permanent seats on the Security Council. Other member countries are struggling to sit at the table of major power brokers.

Proponents of enlargement argue that an updated Security Council with more votes could bring more balance to the council and the UN. But years of disagreements over the size, composition and powers of an expanded council have left generations of UN diplomats wondering if change will ever happen. possible.

The UN Security Council will not improve or become fairer if it is expanded. It is not the nations in power, but the lure of power itself that makes it an untenable organization. The structure and underlying purpose of the UN are inherently flawed.

There should not be an elite group of world leaders exercising authority over the peoples of the world. Every nation across the world is sovereign and should have the right to self-governance, free from the undue influence of others.

A flag with the UN logo is depicted.

James Cleverly, UK Foreign Secretary, recently shared his thoughts on the expansion. “The Global South deserves a stronger voice at the world’s highest table by expanding the UN Security Council. … There is a real risk that the Global South will withdraw from the global trading system,” he said. he declares.

The decision to engage in a global trading system does not rest with James Cleverly or the UN. This decision rests solely with the nations of the southern hemisphere. Statements like these reveal the ulterior motives of Cleverly and the UN

In 2020, UN Secretary General António Guterres alluded to the same problem. “Nations that came to power more than seven decades ago refused to consider the reforms needed to change power relations within international institutions,” he said. We all want a level playing field, but their recognition that the UN might have powers and influence over other sovereign nations is the biggest problem of all.

The UN uses the lure of power to draw more nations into its organization. Entry into organizations like the UN and NATO plunges its members into tangled alliances. Different countries in different parts of the world have different interests and should not be forced to compromise that is not in their best interest.

The UN is not without controversy either. In 2017, an investigation revealed that more than 100 United Nations peacekeepers had operated a pedophile ring in Haiti for more than 10 years. None of those involved have ever been imprisoned. Studies show that there is a strong correlation between the distribution of foreign aid and the turnover of members of the United Nations Security Council. It is hard to imagine how increasing the bureaucracy of the UN will make it more effective in eradicating corruption.

Opponents of the UN also point out that it represents the interests of the governments of its constituent countries, not the interests of individuals in those countries. It is wrong to force citizens to join a global level of government without a vote or voice in the matter. And the composition of the Security Council certainly does not resemble the composition of our own government. There are no legislative, judicial or executive powers. All these powers are grouped together in the Security Council.

We should learn from the heated controversy surrounding NATO enlargement and its complications. Global organizations are already too bloated, powerful and dangerous. We should reduce or abolish them entirely, not expand them.

Angela McArdle is chair of the National Libertarian Committee.

The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author.


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