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Banned from social networks after the murderous assault on Capitol Hill on January 6, the tribune has made two major public speeches since leaving Washington five months ago. But if his great campaign hits were part of the party, the more subdued atmosphere of conservative salons had nothing to do with the supercharged atmosphere of his famous outdoor meetings.

In Wellington, near the industrial city of Cleveland, the former Republican president will appear around 7 p.m. (1 a.m., French time) on stage in front of his supporters, some of whom have already been camping for several days there. Trump caps, stands with T-shirts and flags bearing his effigy: the small town recalls those visited by the billionaire during his two presidential campaigns, in 2016 and 2020.

“Large crowds expected this weekend for the Trump meeting,” he wrote on Wednesday, without his team having yet revealed the number of tickets distributed. And he took up his campaign slogan, revamped with his famous sense of hyperbole… and its capital letters: “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, AGAIN! (“Give America back its greatness again!”).

The 75-year-old real estate mogul has yet to explicitly acknowledge the victory of his successor, Joe Biden. On the contrary, he continues to cry electoral fraud, even though his dozens of complaints have been rejected, including by judges he had appointed.

Presidential 2020: the “greatest crime of the century” according to Trump

On stage Saturday evening, he should once again evoke these unfounded allegations against the presidential election of 2020. The “greatest crime of the century”, he had thus launched in early June at the convention of the Republican Party of North Carolina.

Saturday night’s rally is being held in support of former Donald Trump adviser Max Miller, who is running against House Republican, Anthony Gonzalez. The latter, who represents Ohio, was one of ten Republicans in the lower house, out of 211, to vote in favor of impeachment of Donald Trump during his impeachment trial for “incitement to insurgency” .

Accused of having encouraged his supporters to launch an assault on the Capitol, where parliamentarians were gathered to certify the victory of Joe Biden, the former president was finally acquitted in February 2021 by the Senate, then controlled by the republicans.

Since then, the tempestuous New Yorker has vowed to do everything so that his rare Republican accusers are not re-elected.

Behind this stated mission, the billionaire leaves above all the prospect of a new presidential candidacy in 2024. And he intends to strengthen his public presence in the coming months. As of Wednesday, he will travel to Texas to visit the border area with Mexico and discuss illegal immigration, one of the central topics of his presidency. Then on July 3, he will organize another big meeting in Sarasota, Florida.

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