Donald Trump denies responsibility for violence on Capitol Hill

Investigations could take “Months”, “hundreds of charges” could be pronounced and the guilty will be prosecuted, regardless of the seriousness of the cases. Through the voice of the United States Attorney for the District of Columbia, Michael Sherwin, the United States Department of Justice promised, Tuesday, January 12, the greatest firmness against the militants, who assaulted and invaded the Capitol, Wednesday.

The nature of the charges retained will cover a field of “Unparalleled breadth”, specified the prosecutor: simple theft of document, intrusion in a federal building, carrying of weapons, assault on the police force, but also murder, “Sedition and conspiracy”, punishable by twenty years in prison.

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More than 170 criminal investigations have already been opened and some 70 people have already been charged. A man from Alabama is being prosecuted for bringing eleven Molotov cocktails and five loaded guns into the Capitol. The Federal Police (FBI) continues its calls for testimony to identify the most violent supporters of the US president, who have reached the heart of Congress. The agency already has more than 100,000 photos and videos of the events at its disposal.

Mike Pence won’t summon the 25e amendment

Accused of inciting his supporters to march on the Capitol and “To fight like beautiful devils”, Donald Trump, for his part, declined any responsibility for the chain of violence. Tuesday, on the sidelines of a trip to Texas, at the foot of the wall built on the border with Mexico, the outgoing president has clearly cleared customs, judging “Perfectly suitable” the virulent speech he gave moments before the invasion of Congress. He then had to wait several hours before, pressed by his entourage, he spoke to ask the demonstrators to ” go back home “ ; not without having assured them that he “Loved them”.

The resolution for an impeachment procedure tabled Monday by the elected Democrats of the House of Representatives does not read events at all. The article of indictment, on which they will vote on Wednesday, clearly refers to the“Incitement to insurgency” by the President of the United States.

A judged approach “Totally ridiculous” by the main interested party. “This is the continuation of the greatest witch hunt in history. (…) This causes immense anger ”, Mr. Trump assured. He also swept away the risks of dismissal provided for by the 25e amendment to the Constitution, which allows the executive to declare a president deemed unfit to perform his duties. In the evening, Vice President Mike Pence confirmed he would not invoke him.

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