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do workers have more purchasing power with rising wages?




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do workers have more purchasing power with rising wages?

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France 2 – M. Damoy, J. Van Hove, A. Girault-Carlier, S. Lisnyj, Y. Moine, R. Gardeux, J. Cohen Olivieri

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Will inflation fall to 2.6% in 2024? An increase in wages is also expected, which could increase the purchasing power of employees.

In 2024, will wage growth exceed inflation? In a company that manufactures water fountains, workers are paid slightly more than the minimum wage. In the last two years, all have been increased. Mohamed Bousnane, manufacturing agent, received 50 euros net per month more in 2023, far from being enough to cope with inflation according to him. “We can’t see the end of the tunnel.”he said.

Increases below inflation

With his only salary to support his wife and two children, another agent is forced to work overtime. In this company, salaries increased by 3 to 5% in 2023, within the national average of 4.6%, but below the level of inflation over the year, which is 5.8%. In 2024, the situation could change. Wages are projected to increase by 4% on average, while inflation falls to 2.6%.

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