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Much of the internet was disconnected on Thursday. Some of the most popular sites, apps, and services on the internet were down, including UPS and FedEx (which have since returned online), Airbnb, Fidelity and others report that Steam, LastPass, and the PlayStation Network are all having a hard time. ‘stop.

Many other websites around the world are also affected, including media in Europe.

What appears to be the cause is an outage at Akamai, an internet security giant that provides networking and content delivery services to businesses. At around 11 a.m. ET, Akamai reported an issue with its Edge DNS, a service designed to keep websites, apps, and services working and secure.

DNS services are of critical importance to the functioning of the Internet. So when things go wrong or there is an outage, it can have a ripple effect on all the websites and customer services that depend on it.

Akamai said it was “actively investigating the issue,” but when contacted, a spokesperson did not say whether its outage was the cause of disruption to other sites and services currently offline. Akamai didn’t want to say the cause of the problem, but that it was already being recovered.

“We have implemented a fix for this issue, and based on current observations, the service is resuming normal operations. We will continue to monitor to ensure the impact has been fully mitigated, ”Akamai told TechCrunch.

This is not the first time that we have seen such a major outage. Last year, Cloudflare, which also provides networking services to businesses around the world, experienced a similar outage following a bug that caused major sites to stop loading, including Shopify, Discord. and Politico. In November, Amazon’s cloud service also stumbled, preventing it from updating its own status page during the incident. Online workspace startup Notion also experienced a high-profile outage this year, forcing the company to take to Twitter for help.

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