Diamondbacks reveal sexy and stylish Nike City Connect uniforms

“Clean”, as the children say.

The Diamondbacks became the fifth of seven teams this year to unveil their Nike City Connect uniform, an alternate jersey line that all 30 teams will have introduced in rotation over the next several years.

While some of the other uniforms have been colorful, intricate, and full of personality, the Diamondbacks tone down the intricate design for colors that mimic desert sand, and they are beauties. Looked:

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Some of the uniform features:

  • “Serpientes” on the front, Spanish for “serpents”, to honor the Hispanic culture in the community;
  • The color mimics that of the sand of the Sonoran Desert;
  • The “V” patch represents Phoenix’s nickname, “Valley of the Sun”.

All 30 MLB teams will receive alternate uniforms in the coming years, with the Red Sox, Diamondbacks, Cubs, White Sox and Marlins all revealing uniforms so far in 2021. The Dodgers and Giants will unveil their uniforms so far. uniforms over the next few weeks.

The uniform designs all strive to connect with the cities represented by the teams. Nike has done a solid job of introducing new models of uniforms in all sports, bringing an avant-garde look to many models of uniforms.

The Snakes may have just jumped to the top of the line with these.

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