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Dozens of migrants unhappy at being deported from the United States to Haiti clashed with authorities as they tried to rush on a plane that landed in Port-au-Prince

A security guard closed the door of the plane just in time as some deportees started throwing shoes at the plane, shouting, “This is abuse! And “How is that possible ?!”

The group which included men and women had disembarked from the second of three flights that arrived on Tuesday, with some temporarily losing their belongings in the scuffle when police arrived. Among those trying to get back on the plane was Maxine Orélien, who blamed the Haitian prime minister for the situation.

“What can we provide for our family?” He said. “There is nothing we can do for our family here. There is nothing in this country.”

Orélien is one of hundreds of migrants the United States began deporting to Haiti from Sunday, with several more flights slated for the coming days. Many of them left their countries after the devastating earthquake of 2010 and are now worried about how they will find jobs and housing and support their families in a country of more than 11 million people. residents where about 60% earn less than $ 2 per day.

Haiti is also struggling to recover from the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse on July 7 and a magnitude 7.2 earthquake that struck the southern region of Haiti in mid-August, killing more than 2 200 people and destroying or damaging tens of thousands of homes.

Those deported with young children are particularly concerned about the recent spike in violence in Port-au-Prince, with gangs controlling about a third of the capital. Kidnappings have become more and more frequent, with targets ranging from young schoolchildren to nuns to impoverished families.


ABC News