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Dominated by the right for ages, the canton of Muzillac will not switch to the left during the departmental elections in June 2021. How can we be so affirmative? Quite simply because the voters will have the choice only between a binomial various right and a binomial National Rally. The fault of a missing paper, which led to the invalidation of the left pair. Enough to frustrate voters whose hearts are tilted in that direction …

This canton is not the only one in Morbihan where the poster will be limited to two pairs. This will also be the case in the townships of Séné and Vannes-2. But there, we will find a classic right-left poster, the limited number of candidates being due to the absence of the National Rally.


“We did not want to present candidates at any cost”

In the Côtes-d’Armor, it is the right that has experienced the most difficulties in aligning candidates. There will not be any in the canton of Callac (but voters will still have the choice between three pairs: left, extreme left and National Assembly). There will also be none in the townships of Ploufragan and Plénée-Jugon, where the left will find itself alone against the National Rally.

A situation that the leader of the right, Romain Boutron (outgoing president of the departmental council of Côtes-d’Armor) assumes: “We did not want to present candidates at all costs in all the cantons. We wanted local candidates, established in their cantons and sharing our values ​​”. Implying that the left had not made the same choice in the department. But recognizing that it was not easy to find motivated people in the cantons deemed “more difficult” to win.

Not necessarily winners from the first round

On June 20 and 27, these different cantons with two pairs will not necessarily be the ones that will tip the scales, whether in Côtes-d’Armor or Morbihan.

But they will still be scrutinized by observers. With, in particular, a question: will these tight posters result in a strong abstention? It’s possible. Participation will be, whatever happens, a key to the ballot. Because even with only two pairs, it is not certain that we will know the winners from June 20 in these cantons. In the first round, in fact, obtaining an absolute majority of votes cast is not enough in departmental elections. It is also necessary to collect a number of votes equal to a quarter of the registered voters. A step that can be high when the abstention is very strong.

We find the same situation in two cantons of Loire-Atlantique (Saint-Brevin-les-Pins and Saint-Sébastien-sur-Loire).

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